Entry #8

Road to Recovery

2010-02-27 23:12:04 by PyronX

Hey everyone,

sorry about the lack of uploading.
It's been a rough year and some.
So a few things to update on:
Yes the next episode is still in the works, I've never gave up on it.
The thing that has been holding me back from completing the episode right is my hardware. For the longest time I've been making these movies on my laptop. Sadly thou it is a best of a laptop, it cannot keep up anymore. Now I currently have a desktop on order on hold for me. Next I just have make the proper space for it. I got less than a week to do so or my order will be cancelled.
As of the project itself...
The script is 80% done to the end.
Voiceovers have been recorded as far as I remember. If not they will get done quickly.
I have bits and piece of the flash done but due to my situation it can't progress until I get the upgrade.

There is a chance I pay do a preview for the next 10 episodes if Newgrounds let's me.

That's all I got to share for now.



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2010-03-06 20:03:34

Okay sweet. I can't wait for more. You need to get your fan base back :P.


2010-04-02 04:27:24

Don't tell that you have no fans xD. This GeneralAC comments every your news xD.
So then, I'm still waiting.
BTW. Have you written something to me that I haven't answered?