Road to Recovery

2010-02-27 23:12:04 by PyronX

Hey everyone,

sorry about the lack of uploading.
It's been a rough year and some.
So a few things to update on:
Yes the next episode is still in the works, I've never gave up on it.
The thing that has been holding me back from completing the episode right is my hardware. For the longest time I've been making these movies on my laptop. Sadly thou it is a best of a laptop, it cannot keep up anymore. Now I currently have a desktop on order on hold for me. Next I just have make the proper space for it. I got less than a week to do so or my order will be cancelled.
As of the project itself...
The script is 80% done to the end.
Voiceovers have been recorded as far as I remember. If not they will get done quickly.
I have bits and piece of the flash done but due to my situation it can't progress until I get the upgrade.

There is a chance I pay do a preview for the next 10 episodes if Newgrounds let's me.

That's all I got to share for now.


Need time

2009-10-07 12:14:48 by PyronX


Alex has been away so I haven't been really keeping up to date with my movie reviews. BUT
A good chunck of the Review Crew posted a review on chapter3
All supportive comments, all came to one conclusion... Audio needs work, no complaints anywhere else :P

So I'm going to be taking the time to work on my audio in flash. I'm kinda limited because I use FlashMX 2004, FAIRLY out of date, but hey, doesn't lack in animation. ;)

I have indeed bought a need mic, the good kind, XLR cable and everything (Look it up). Even testing the sound quality I was extremely impressed.

So for my name's sake, the project is on hold until i can perfect my knowledge when it comes to audio to the same level as my animations.
No fear, once I figure THAT out then everything will fly off the press like the morning paper. (Does that make sense?)

Anyways, off to work on my audio skills
See ya
- PyronX

Chapter 3 is out!

2009-09-17 10:00:23 by PyronX

I apologize for the delay but yes Chapter 3 is finally here.
So far so good, last time I checked it's score was 3.47.
Thanks to you the viewers :)

I will be starting work on Chapter 4 soon.

Back at it

2009-09-15 15:53:05 by PyronX

After a busy year and some inspiration, I'm back to the movies.
The third movies is nearly done, just the menu and voiceovers to go.

LF2:The Alliance Ch.2 is out!

2008-11-09 10:15:22 by PyronX

Here we go, Chapter 2 is here.

Was posted yesterday, kinda forgot to post it here :P

Chapter 2 is in progress

2008-10-25 03:28:17 by PyronX

I am currently working on Chapter 2 right now.

It's coming alomg well. Half way through done with the animating. But still need to record voices... Those may or may not even be included for this chapter depending on how soon I can get them in.

LF2:The Alliance Ch.1 is out!

2008-10-17 13:18:04 by PyronX

My next series is up and running.

From watching it on the site I'm seeing some syncing issues that will cost me... but its still a learning process for me.

Next Series is in Pre-Production

2008-09-19 10:43:19 by PyronX

Hello everyone,

After seeing that people still love LF2 I'm willing to come back and continue my flash work as well.
LF2: A Hunter's Quest Series is done, so the next series is in the making. It should be a lot better overall once its all completed.

Update: Story + Script is complete. Working on adding voices to the animation